Jerry Drake & the Front Page at the Ridgewood Library -
Serving Middle Village and Maspeth since 1938.

Originally published in the September 2018 Juniper Berry Magazine

Jerry Drake & the Front Page at the Ridgewood Library

In an event generously sponsored by Councilmember Robert Holden, Jerry Drake & the Front Page, a 12-piece jazz band, will be performing in a free concert hosted by the Friends of the Ridgewood Library (FORL) at the Ridgewood Library on September 24th, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. They will be playing in the Ridgewood Garden, and in case of rain, they will perform in the Ridgewood Library Auditorium.

Jerry Drake's band features original music in the Great American Songbook style. Many of his songs have a nostalgic, old-fashioned, and very personal feel--like "To Be a Fireman," which can be experienced as a beautiful memorial song for the firefighters that were lost in 9/11. "The Greatest Generation" is a testament to the noble World War II Generation. Some of his songs boast an ethnic, exotic twist--with a South American flavor and flair. Much of his music has a beat that is natural to dance to. For upcoming concerts for Jerry Drake & the Front Page, please visit the website

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