Neighborhood Hall of Shame 3-2020 -
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Originally published in the March 2020 Juniper Berry Magazine

Neighborhood Hall of Shame 3-2020

Thankfully, the vast majority of property owners in Middle Village & Maspeth take pride in the appearance and well-being of our neighborhood. But a few property owners have a total disregard for the condition of their property. So we induct these properties into this month's Hall of Shame.

If you see properties in disarray, call 311. And please send them to us for possible inclusion in our neighborhood hall of shame. Graffiti images on this page have been altered to not give vandals notoriety. Send to: or mail to: Juniper Berry Eyesores, PO Box 275 Middle Village, NY 11379


Hmm.... Should they use a power washer or paintbrush to take care of this graffiti? Who cares? Just please make it go away! This eyesore is along Metropolitan Ave just west of Nurge Ave and has been in this condition for months. Call 311 to report graffiti.


Johnny Cash sang, I'm mighty proud of that ragged old flag, but he certainly wouldn't have thought that of the ones displayed along Eliot Avenue. If you're going to fly Old Glory, please be respectful and replace it when it gets worn.


The pay telephone in front of the Maspeth Library was removed years ago but the rest of the structure remains as a magnet for scribbling. It's time for this remnant of a bygone era to be removed. If the canvas is gone, there will be one less opportunity for graffiti.

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