Add Sold, Ad for Realtor, Add Hefty $ Violation -
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Originally published in the September 2014 Juniper Berry Magazine

Add Sold, Ad for Realtor, Add Hefty $ Violation

For Sale signs are legal, adding a sold sign to it makes it a violation

If and when you sell your house we ask that you don't use a For Sale Sign. Besides being an eyesore they advertise to burglars that with many people coming and going to the house they may just blend in. Also with internet shopping for homes they are outdated. We also recommend that you NEVER allow a sold sign. Section 22-322 of the zoning resolution of the Department of Buildings, New York City, does not permit real estate companies to attach a "SOLD" rider on a for sale sign. A sold rider is only advertising for the real estate company and the homeowner must pay the fine. Residents are urged to report violations to 311. Give them the above section of resolution when making your report. Fines can range up to $1,000 or more.