The Juniper Park Civic Association - Serving Middle Village & Maspeth Since 1938
Serving Middle Village and Maspeth since 1938.
Next Meeting: Thursday, October 26, 2017 @ 7:45:00 PM   Location: Our Lady of Hope School

Juniper Civic sponsors Juniper Valley Park Halloween Festival Oct 28th

We are so excited to announce that the Middle Village Halloween parade is set for Saturday, October 28. The parade will begin at 11:45 AM and Halloween festivities will continue from 12 noon to 4 PM on the blacktop at 80th St. & Juniper Blvd North.

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Q&A with Robert Holden, Candidate for City Council

Robert Holden (or "Bob" as he prefers to be called) has served as President of Juniper Park Civic Association since 1990. Bob has decided to run for the City Council, 30th District, and challenge not only the incumbent, Elizabeth Crowley, but also the entire Queens County Democratic Machine led by her cousin, Joe Crowley.

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The Kosciuszko Bridge: Hello and Goodbye

The new Kosciuszko Bridge was dedicated on the warm, humid, overcast afternoon of April 27th. It is certain that this was a day that we proud participants are not likely to forget anytime soon.

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An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Dear Mr. Mayor: If you have any capability for self-reflection, by now, after an avalanche of vociferous criticism, you must be asking yourself, "What was I thinking?"

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The 2017 Juniper Valley Park Summer Concert Series was a blast!

A special thank you to co-sponsors Juniper Valley Park Conservancy, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Queensboro UNICO and Crifasi Real Estate.

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Maspeth-Middle Village Task Force’s coalition strategy pays off

Mayor de Blasio announced a major policy shift on February 28th which will eventually end the City's use of hotels and cluster sites as homeless shelters. The City now plans to build shelters in individual communities sized to accommodate the number of homeless that originate from them.

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Massive MARCH FOR MASPETH puts city on notice

On Saturday, August 27th, the entire town participated in the ‒March for Maspeth‒ protest through the streets our town. The march began at the Holiday Inn Express hotel near Maurice Avenue, the site of the proposed 220-bed homeless shelter. The peaceful but loud march which by an NYPD count stood at 1,820 residents, proceeded through the streets of Maspeth.

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Elizabeth Crowley to Maspeth: DROP DEAD!

A light rain was falling as Community Board member Jerry Drake addressed about 200 protesters on Thursday night, August 25th in front of the Holiday Inn Express near Maurice Avenue and the L.I.E in Maspeth.

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200th Anniversary kicks off with 6 Free Summer Concerts in Juniper Valley Park

The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and Juniper Park Civic Association present: The 2016 Juniper Valley Park Free Outdoor Concert Series Co-Sponsored by: Juniper Valley Park Conservancy, Crifasi Real Estate, O'Neill's Restaurant, Queensboro UNICO and Atria Senior Living

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Do you think the City of New York's plan to close down Riker's Island Detention Center and open "community jails" throughout the boroughs is a good idea?
I don't know