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Originally published in the December 2005 Juniper Berry Magazine

Rashachy Celebrates Second Anniversary!

Raschachy staff

Rachel and Shahina owners of Rashachy Salon & Spa (60-35 82nd Street Middle Village, NY 11379 Tel: 718 505 6111) are delighted to announce the anniversary of their second year at their location in Middle Village.They are having an anniversary party on Sunday, December 4, 2005, at 5PM at their Salon and have told me how happy they are with the success of their business and the loyal support of their customers.

Rachel and Shahina are two very smart, very ambitious business women and we all wish them continued success in Middle Village.

Rashachy Salon & Spa takes a half page ad in the Juniper Berry, the women are great JPCA cheerleaders, they contribute to our Christmas Raffle with a generous gift and they provide a class act product in their Salon. They are the role model of the kind of merchants we want in our neighborhood and they are certainly deserving of our continued support.

Good Luck in the future, Rachel and Shahina. We look forward to having you a part of our Middle Village business scene for many years to come.