Inside the Forest Park Greenhouse -
Serving Middle Village and Maspeth since 1938.

Originally published in the June 2018 Juniper Berry Magazine

Inside the Forest Park Greenhouse

Photos by Steve Garza and Christina Wilkinson

The Forest Park Greenhouse first opened in 1905 in what was then one of Queens' newest parks. The greenhouse was designed and manufactured by Lord & Burnham, best known for the Conservancy at the New York Botanical Garden. The complex has since grown to 5 greenhouses, the rest of which were imported from an estate on Long Island. Over the past few years, the facility has been completely renovated, with Parks repairing the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy and installing a climate control system to regulate light, temperature and humidity. Early in its history the greenhouse had been regularly opened to the public for flower shows, but now it is only available for self-guided tours once per year, near the end of April. This year's visit found many of the plants in full bloom, displaying glorious colors.

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