Remember Me, Nine Eleven -
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Originally published in the September 2018 Juniper Berry Magazine

Remember Me, Nine Eleven

September Eleventh will always be

the day that you remember me.

My dad, mom, brother, sister, daughter, son, wife

will never see me live my life.

But you will remember me.

Remember the fallen FDNY,

remember the NYPD

all those that day

that stopped everything to respond.

Remember me as I took my last flight,

my last breath as I worked up in sky,

this was my last good bye.

Remember me

remember my accomplishments

remember my love for you.

Remember me

Remember our heroes

Remember our children

Remember my husband

Remember my wife

Remember my son

Remember my daughter

Remember my sister

Remember my brother

Let their candles shine bright

with all their light

They now live inside all of us

Pledge this new year 2018

to make it the best from all the rest

Make a stand don't let anyone divide us

Stand up and fight to unite

to keep our fallen loved ones' candles alive

That's how they will survive

Remember me and shine bright

with all your light and with all your might

Now I will live inside you ...

Make me shine bright with all your might

Be a positive light

Hey sis, hey bro, what do I say

to my son, my daughter?

Hey dad, hey mom, I know it's hard to hear

that it was time to say good bye,

I know you will always cry.

I know you will remember me.

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