Neighborhood Hall of Shame 12-2019 -
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Originally published in the December 2019 Juniper Berry Magazine

Neighborhood Hall of Shame 12-2019

Thankfully, the vast majority of property owners in Middle Village & Maspeth take pride in the appearance and well-being of our neighborhood. But a few property owners have a total disregard for the condition of their property. So we induct these properties into this month's Hall of Shame.

If you see properties in disarray, call 311. And please send them to us for possible inclusion in our neighborhood hall of shame. Graffiti images on this page have been altered to not give vandals notoriety. Send to: or mail to: Juniper Berry Eyesores, PO Box 275 Middle Village, NY 11379


Many of the tree guards on Grand Avenue have seen better days. Damaged by cars and trucks, they have become eyesores and dangerous tripping hazards. If they are not going to be maintained, they should be removed.


Dead storage of cars and boats is prohibited on city streets. Call 311 to report vehicles that don't move. Covering a street parked car's registration and plates is also against the law. This was taken on 46th Street in Maspeth but is found in several locations throughout the area.


The recently reconstructed Fresh Pond-Metro bridge over the LIRR has seen a lot of dumping and graffiti in recent months. Many people wait for the bus here and they shouldn't be surrounded by such decrepitude. Thankfully, the DOT Bridges crew finally got around to cleaning this spot just before we went to press.

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