THINGS THAT ARE DUMB: Cashless tolling gouges drivers -
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Originally published in the December 2017 Juniper Berry Magazine

THINGS THAT ARE DUMB: Cashless tolling gouges drivers

Removing toll booths was sold as a benefit to drivers as slowing down at crossings would no longer be required. While traffic has sped up, many passes through the scanners have resulted in stealth fines. There are a number of reasons that drivers have received unexpected fines on their EZ Pass accounts ‒ their pass couldn't be read by the sensor, the credit card on the account was no longer being recognized by the system, their cards on file expired or the driver didn't realize they had a low balance on their account. Before, the toll booth display would warn you of all of these problems, but now, unless you are signed up for text messaging, you don't find out until you get slapped with a giant bill in the mail.

December 2017 Juniper Berry Magazine

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