Neighborhood Hall of Shame September 2018 -
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Originally published in the September 2018 Juniper Berry Magazine

Neighborhood Hall of Shame September 2018

Welbilt is not well maintained

The old Welbilt factory building in western Maspeth has been for sale for some time. We don't know what will end up there, but we do know that right now it is quite a graffiti covered eyesore. If the owner wants to attract a buyer, perhaps they should improve the appearance of the property by investing in a paint brush and can of red paint.

The goal is to paint the wall

Directly across the street from eyesore #1 is the back end of the Metropolitan Oval soccer field, adjacent to the Andrews Avenue Bridge. We aren't sure whether it's the DOT or the soccer association that is responsible for this graffiti-covered wall, but it needs to be addressed by one or the other.

Don't block the bus stops

Sent in by a reader: The bus stops around 80th Street and Eliot are becoming parking spaces for people who don't want to pull into the parking lots provided by retail business. Some of the # 47 buses will bypass stops if they're blocked by cars leaving passengers to wait another 20 – 30 minutes. What happened to ticketing illegally parked cars?

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