Long Island City has a trolley car conductor that rides to work in his own automobile, leaves it at the car barns and after his day’s work is over, rides home in state. His name is Joseph Jarkousky and he lives at 27 Remsen Place, Maspeth. He is employed by the New York and Queens County Railway Company. All went well with this routine until some one stole the automobile.
Jarkousky appeared before Magistrate Conway in the Long Island City Court yesterday and charged his neighbor, Peter Cybulski, with taking the machine. Jarkousky says Cybulaki asked for a ride and he took him from Maspeth to the car barns at Long Island City. Then he parked his automobile and went to work on his trolley car. Cybulski decided to take another ride, it is alleged, so he got into the automobile and started off. He had not much experience and was making such a poor job of steering it, that Patrolman Mohrman, who saw the machine making a zigzag course along Jackson Avenue, stopped it at Fifteenth Avenue and placed its driver under arrest for reckless driving. Then he added a charge of not having a license. Jarkousky very soon appeared and made a charge of larceny. Magistrate Conway adjourned the three charges until tomorrow and held Cyculski in bail of $1,000 until that time.