Mrs. Lena Randhare, thirty-five years old, of 99½ East Eighth Street, Manhattan, who jumped from trolley car 888 of the Grand Street and Newtown line early yesterday, after her husband had accidentally fallen from the step of the car, died four hours later in St. Catharine’s Hospital of her injuries.

The car they were on was proceeding rapidly along the Fresh Pond Road, near Maspeth, L.I., going to Williamsburg.

Randhare, with his wife, was returning from the annual picnic of the employees of Post & McCord’s Iron Works, held in Monteverde’s Park, Maspeth. Mrs. Randhare had a seat and her husband stood beside her on the step of the car. Randhare was thrown from the car while going around a curve. The car continued on, despite a signal to stop, and in her anxiety to hear her husband’s fate, Mrs. Randhare jumped to the street. Her fall fractured her skull. Her husband sustained a fracture of the right leg, and is still in the hospital, where he was taken with his wife.