Jim O’Neill, a JPCA member, had his house broken into on Valentine’s Day. Jim lives at Caldwell Avenue and 76th Street. He advises that he left his house for a doctor’s appointment at 8:00 A.M. and returned approximately 12 noon. He discovered that his front door had been smashed in apparently with a hammer which dislodged two deadbolt locks. Neighbors heard some hammering around 11 A.M. but believed Jim was doing some carpentry work. It is Jim’s belief that the burglars were scared away. However, they did manage to steal a VCR, and a cable box. From the 2nd floor they stole some jewelry and some personal items including a pair of rosary beads, and some make-up which may indicate a female perpetrator. There was also a similar case that occurred a week earlier on 57th Avenue.