Eliot Ave. Stationery (Formerly Jo-Lee)
79-23 Eliot Avenue
Middle Village, N.Y. 11379

I had the opportunity recently to speak to Naresh Patel of Eliot Avenue Stationery (formerly Jo-Lee). Naresh also owns three other stationery/candy stores in the Middle Village area.

He has a tremendous amount of confidence in our neighborhood and respect for the Juniper Park Civic Association and it is reflected in his desire to expand his business. He sees in our community a strong sense of responsibility and desire to preserve the quality of life. He thinks that this attitude creates an environment for him to succeed as a businessman. The Eliot Avenue Stationery expansion reflects that ambition in Naresh.

A stroll through Eliot Avenue Stationery will show the broadened merchandise base giving the customer an eclectic selection to purchase stationery related articles. There is also a very beautiful display of quality figurines for the finer taste gift purchase.

Naresh Patel is a hard working family man who has invested in our community. We urge you to visit Eliot Avenue Stationery and share in his excitement and ambition as he pursues the American dream.