(formerly Covell Hardware)

As you know by now Covel Hardware Store on Eliot Avenue in Middle Village has been bought by Harry Lambros of Biljac Paints & Wallpaper, which is located directly across the street.

I spoke to Harry recently and he is very enthusiastic about the move. He is quick to point out, however, that he will continue to run Biljac as a paint store.

Harry explained his plans. The hardware store will be a full service, people friendly hardware store. Shelves will be stocked and prices will “slashed considerably.”

Michael McGoldrick who now manages Covel, will bring his knowledge and expertise to the new store. Anyone who knows Michael realizes he is very talented and excellent at solving our many homeowner problems. He has managed Covell for about twenty years now and in that time he has established a reputation for being very helpful to customers who have various complaints with their houses.

Harry Lambros brings to the new store his reputation built on twelve years in the community as the owner of Biljac Paint & Hardware Store. He is an icon in the field and he brings his experience and knowhow to the awesome job of opening a neighborhood hardware store in the face of the mega stores springing up on every other corner.

Harry feels strongly that there is still a place for a neighborhood store that addresses all the needs of the homeowner. With clean, well stocked shelves filled with merchandise that is competitively priced there is room in the marketplace for the little guy.

We wish Harry well as he continues to invest his time andmoney in our community and hopefully we will all support his effort.

Harry is also a resident of the neighborhood for many years. His kids have gone to the local schools and are entrenched in the Middle Village-Elmhurst community.

It should be mentioned also that Harry has been very supportive in our efforts to cover the graffiti in the neighborhood. He has donated his time, energy and paint to accomplish our goal to rid our community of the horror of graffiti.

Good luck Harry Lambros. You are one of the “good guys” in our world.