On the corner of 80th Street and Caldwell Avenue near Eliot Avenue lies a landmark in the Middle Village/Juniper Valley neighborhood. The landmark, known as “the dairy” to people that have grown up here since the 70's is Silver Barn Farms. Silver Barn, which opened in l969 is known for selling the freshest dairy products and has grown into an institution which serves the neighborhood in many other ways as well.

The company proudly contributes to a number of churches in the area, helps to support block parties, sponsors sporting teams and events, in addition to helping local schools. Robert Fedorko, general manager of Silver Barn has been affiliated with the store since l977, and has worked his way up from a stock clerk to the position he currently holds. It is this theory of “promoting from within” which exhibits just another way how Silver Barn respects the people of our community by having one of our own in a top level position of the business. In addition many local high school and college students are employed at Silver Barn before graduating and moving on to other careers. In fact, to date, over 30 couples have met and married as a result of their affiliation with the “dairy.”

Over the years, Silver Barn has expanded in many ways to serve the community in a much greater capacity than just the place to pick up a quart of milk. The deli department, which was newly renovated in the spring of l996 is considered one of the busiest deli counters in the entire city. That translates into extremely fresh products which are also sold at reasonable prices. The bakery department, which also was renovated at the same time as the deli, carries a great assortment of cookies and specialty breads which are sold at extremely reduced prices compared to competitors.

When you first enter the store, you are in the midst of a carnival of fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce gives you a sense that you are entering an old time farm stand. The produce, on average is 20-30% cheaper than the prices that you would find in a supermarket. On the other hand, the store provides modern services which make it more convenient for customers to shop that in past years.

When people are hired at Silver Barn, they are taught that the most important aspect of their job is customer satisfaction. The customer is always right.. When a patron walks into the store, they get a good feeling as a result of the service that receive from the workers in the produce department to the clerks behind the deli and bakery counters, right through the store until they reach the check-out registers. It is because of this attitude of the employees and the improvements in the store over the years that make this community store a solid institution in our neighborhood.

We wish them continues success in the years ahead.