Ted Matagrano, Starship Auto Service

His new Middle Village service station is 2lst Century state-of-the-art technology in the care of cars.

Teddy Matagrano owner of Starship Auto Service is back but, as you know, he never really left. However, you had to notice the total disruption of this area in recent months. The reconstruction is over and we now have, in conjunction with Starship Auto Service, the debut of a full service Sunoco gas station on Eliot Avenue, corner of 74th Street.
This new service station is 2lst Century state of the art technology in the care of cars. It is also visually beautiful. I never thought I could describe a gas station as “beautiful” but take a look at this one. From what I understand Sunoco is also very proud of this new entry to their rostrum and it has become one of their flagship stations.

In everything he does at this location, Teddy Matagrano makes sure that it can “live” with the rest of the neighborhood. He knows how jealously we guard this community with our very vocal Juniper Park Civic activity. He will say that he is confident in his business expansion because this is a community that cares. He feels that this vigilance will also protect his business and it will thrive. I guess you can call it a win/win situation. Yes! Also, he makes sure his personnel are clean, polite and above all, professional in the delivery of their product. If you've been in the marketplace lately you know what a rare commodity that is!

This new flagship Sunoco station will be open for twenty-four hours in the sale of gas. Teddy knows we frown heavily on the twenty-four hour businesses on Eliot Avenue, however, he states that twenty-four hours is required in all Sunoco franchises. Teddy Matagrano assures the neighborhood that security will be tight and in no way will there be a disruption on Eliot Avenue resulting from the Sunoco twenty-four hour operation. In fact the tight security will also benefit the community since Starship can be our eyes and ears on Eliot Avenue in the overnight hours.
I can't emphasize enough the fact that Teddy Matagrano is one merchant in our area who has the greatest respect for the community and the people in it. His concern is always apparent when I deal with Starship professionally. He continually asks me what he can do to make it “better.” His key goal is goodwill and he puts his money where his mouth is. He contributes to the local charities, takes a beautiful full-page ad in the Juniper Berry and is very close to Our Lady of Hope Church (right across the street!). He often mentions the spiritual moment he feels when he glances over at the front doors of Our Lady of Hope. In fact, even though he doesn't live in our area, his two young daughters, Brittany and Gabrielle, were baptized by Monsignor Sivillo of Our Lady of Hope.

We are always heartened to see an ambitious person expanding their business in our neighborhood. Equally important to us is that the business expansion is done with the respect and spirit of cooperation with the community that is necessary if we are all to profit from the experience. Teddy Matagrano represents one of those people.

If you are unhappy with the type of service you are getting from your current auto mechanic, and who hasn't had that experience, you have an excellent opportunity to make it better. Cutting edge diagnostic technology make Starship Auto Service a natural choice. The days of the backyard auto mechanic are long since gone. Try Starship on 74th Street and Eliot Avenue in Middle Village. I am confident you will not be sorry.

As we have always done, we urge you to patronize the Juniper Berry advertisers. These are the neighborhood good guys and gals. They care and above all they are accountable for their service. This gives you the financial edge in the marketplace and isn't that a powerful feeling!

Good luck Starship Auto Service as you go forward in the 21st Century.