We are happy to report that 4 out of the 5 eyesore locations featured in the December 1999 issue of the Juniper Berry have seen major improvements. The most dramatic is the improvement of the Silver Crest Factory at the corner of Eliot Avenue and 80th Street. Seeing the Silver Crest building earn the top spot in Community Eyesore made the building’s owners take action. The lessee, Steve Leffler, met with JPCA President Bob Holden and Vice President Ernie Chirichella and agreed to spruce up the building, which has been an eyesore for decades. Holden reports that the project is moving forward with construction crews installing wire lathe and stucco to the building. “It will be a definite improvement and we applaud the effort by Mr. Leffler and the owners of the building.”

Others sites that have been cleaned are the Quick Stop Candy Store located on Eliot Avenue and 85th Street. After the Juniper Berry hit the streets the site, which was covered with graffiti, was immediately cleaned. Another location that is in the process of being improved is the corner of 79th Street and 58th Avenue, which for years contained a three story half completed building .The lot is now being developed with 2 family homes. The fourth location to be cleaned is the former Carpet Factory located on the westbound Long Island Expressway Service Road (near Mazeau Street) in Maspeth. The abandoned property was used as an illegal dump site. We are happy to report that the area has been cleaned of all debris. The only site that has not been improved is the MRI Trailer Property located on the corner of Caldwell Avenue and 82nd Street. However that property is on the drawing board for major improvements in the near future.

Want an Eyesore Cleaned?
If you have eyesore locations please call in the locations or send us a photo and if we think it makes our top five list, we will publish it. Send locations and/or photos to Eyesore: Juniper Berry Magazine, PO Box 790275, Middle Village, NY 11379 or call 718-651-5865. You can also email us at – info@junipercivic.com listening to the public and seems to be catering to the airlines.