Preserving and enhancing our quality of life has been one of my top legislative priorities. During the past 8 years, our community has seen tremendous enhancement in our Parks; Roadways coupled with substantial reductions in crime. Our community remains one of the most beautified in the City of New York.

Anyone who has enjoyed the amenities our neighborhood has to offer, has seen the substantial improvements. The best is yet to come! This year in the annual City budget I worked closely with our Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to secure funding to further enhance our community. The following is a partial list of some of the major capital projects in store for Middle Village:

• $3.3 million over a three year period to revitalize Metropolitan Ave.
•$1.4 million to build a state-of-the art football field inside the track at Brennan field in Juniper Park.
•$100 thousand for a study to expand the auditorium for P. S. 49
•$200 thousand for play equipment for the upper playground in Juniper Valley Park
•$100 thousand dollars for a study to place a gym for P. S. 87

In addition to these projects, I was able to secure a special grant for the 104th Police Precinct. Which will give police officers 1 van for transportation, 6 police cars, 1 auxiliary car and some additional scooters for community police officers. This special grant is in addition to the normal allocation given each year by the Police Department. This will finally afford the Commander of the 104 Precinct an opportunity to increase patrols in our community.

This year our community will see the reconstruction of Brennan field track and the Upper Baseball fields in Juniper. Juniper Valley Park is the crown jewel of Middle Village!

I wish to extend special debt of gratitude to all the volunteers from the Juniper Park Civic Association who work so hard to insure that our park is a family orientated and a joy to the community.

As we prepare for the next city budget cycle I invite you to contact my office to alert me to any Capital projects that you feel may be beneficial to our community.