New Road Threat: Motor Boards
We've all seen them. They are in the streets, and alleys, on the sidewalks and definitely in the parks. When I see a kid on one of them, challenging the cars and trucks in the streets. I think, “What are their parents thinking?” Of course I realize, they're not thinking at all! I'm talking about the motor scooters that have invaded our lives and our ears.

Parents are buying them like hot cakes for their very young children. Here's the big question – do the parents realize how dangerous these things are and also, very importantly, that these motorized vehicles are illegal?

The cops have advised us that unless these scooters are used on private property they can be ticketed and the summons would go to the parents. Also, there are a number of penalities that can be given with any summons, including having the vehicles confiscated. The total fines can come to about $1,000! Since it is unlikely that the owner carries insurance any injury could result in tremendous personal and monetary loss to the owner.

So, in the interest of everyone's safety, parents, please, have the guts to say NO to your kids. Believe it or not, they don't have to own every new item that comes to the marketplace. Hopefully you will avoid unnecessary life threatening injury to your child and their potential victim.

All-Faiths Cemetery Provides Jobs for Local Young Athletes
This summer, Lutheran All-Faiths Cemetery under the leadership of President Dan Austin, has provided summer employment for over a dozen local athletes. Through the cooperation of the Mr. Austin, his assistant, Peter Faulkenhausen, and Bob Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association, players on the Midville Dodgers squads received training and work throughout the summer. Not only did the players learn the responsiblility and rewards of hard work, but they also learned the rewards of doing a good days work. The players worked as landscapers in the cemetery. Understanding the demands of a busy summer baseball schedule, All-Faiths agreed to let the players leave early on days that games were scheduled.

For the 4th straight year, Dennis Gander, owner Gander Service Center Mobil, agreed to provide free gas for the Midville Dodgers team van. This season, the Midville Dodgers fielded four teams, for players of ages 13-20. “We’re lucky to have Dennis and his wife, Denise, as neighbors and business leaders in the community,” said Bob Holden, president of the Midville Dodgers. “With the price of gasoline this year it would be a tremendous burden on the organization to pay the cost of transportation. If not for businesses like Team Gander and LaFres Ford the Midville squads might not make it through the season.”

Like Team Gander, LaFres gives back to the community. For the 4th straight season, Arthur LaFres, president of LaFres Ford of Middle Village donated use of a 15 passenger van for the months of June and July so the Midville teams can get to their games.

At a recent meeting attended by Parks Commissioner Henry Stern, Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington, Council Member Thomas V. Ognibene, and his Chief of Staff Dennis Gallagher, a decision was made to honor fallen hero firefighter, James Bohan by renaming the Juniper Valley Park Hockey Rink in his honor.

Ken Rudzewick, a life long friend of James Bohan and Chairman of Maspeth Federal Savings Bank, will be coordinating a dedication ceremony with the Councilman's Office, Mayor's Office and Parks Department.

The Juniper Park Civic Association applauds the effort of Mr. Rudzewick and Councilman Ognibene to get the rink named after our fallen hero. An honor that was long overdue. The date of the dedication ceremony will be announced shortly.
Volunteers Help Make Juniper Fields #1 in City Volunteers from the Juniper Park Civic Association, Midville Dodgers Baseball, and Our Lady of Hope joined together this year to rebuild 2 baseball fields at Juniper Valley Park. Fields #1 and #2 were turned into shining examples of what could be done with a little hard work. In March, Juniper Civic Executive Board member, Steven Fiedler, coordinated the rebuilding of the infield of field #2. With the help from Joe Zawadzki and Bob Holden, president of Juniper Park Civic Association and Midville Dodgers, new infield grass, a sprinkler system and new clay was added to the field. Funding for the massive operation came from donations from Men’s Senior Baseball, Christ the King H.S., the Juniper Park Civic Association, the Midville Dodgers and Our Lady of Hope. Joe Zawadzki, owner of Landscape Gardener, has donated over a hundred hours of time on the Juniper Ballfields as well as Our Lady of Hope fields.

Equipment and manpower was also supplied by Tony McLoughlin, of Archway Building Corp, Juniper Blvd. South & 69th Street. Tony is also a resident of Middle Village and has donated the use of his heavy eqipment to the community on several occasions. Special thanks to his workers, Larry Casey and Paul Charles for their outstanding help.

Traffic Accidents Up in Neighborhood
Most residents have felt that traffic accidents are on the rise throughout the community. And it’s not their imagination. At a recent COP104 meeting in Maspeth, the 104th Precinct announced that accidents have increased 25% over last year.

“Too many motorists are in a hurry and with little police enforcement of traffic laws… this was bound to happen,” said Bob Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association. For over 10 years, the Juniper Park Civic Association has been calling attention to the problem which at this point is getting out of hand. Unfortunately the accident problem is likely to get worse with the manpower shortage in the 104th Precinct. Accident on 79th Street, corner of Juniper Valley Road in May.