One of the unique things about our community is the fact that it “looks good.” If you talk to anyone about our neighborhood they will inevitably say something like “Oh, that's still a nice area.” Well, yeah, and my reply always is, “The JPCA works relentlessly to keep it that way.” In fact I find myself reminding people who have kids who have resettled in our community that “they” should be the ones making my speech and that “they” should be the ones out there working “relentlessly to keep it that way.” Let's face it, the more homes you own in our area via your kids, the more of an investment you have in the community. I know that sounds like a disingenuous statement but trust me; many times people “don't get it.” They really think our “nice area” is a stroke of luck! As I say, it takes a lot of work to look this lucky!

Which leads me to talk about a big visual problem, namely “garbage.” Nothing is more disgusting or detracting 0from the aesthetics of a neighborhood than seeing bulk garbage, i.e., mattresses, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., curbside for days at a time. Please, we are begging you, to make note of the rules of garbage bulk, which I will paraphrase, from a Dept. of Sanitation notice in the rest of this article. Do not put any garbage curbside until it is ready for pick-up and note that on holidays no recycling items should be placed curbside. If your pick-up falls on a holiday, recyclables will not be removed until the next regular recyclable day.

I must also tell you that if you find yourself looking at garbage well before pick-up you can call CB 5, telephone – 366-1834, at 9 A.M. and they will arrange to have the sanitation police at the site to issue a ticket to the offender on that day. So, we do have recourse. However, we would rather not have to call the authorities on our neighbors and education about the rules of garbage is the name of the game.

Sanitation Notice – The Dept. of Sanitation provides free curbside removal of large non-commercial “bulk” items from residential buildings. Up to six items can be placed at the curb on the evening before the collection.

Important – If you are disposing of old lumber or tree limbs, all nails, etc. should be removed and they must be securely tied in bales no more than 2 feet high and 4 feet long. Also, if you have several large items, they should be placed out a few at a time. While the Department does remove non-commercial waste from homeowners engaged in small “do it yourself” projects, homeowners who are undertaking large projects should contract for their own dumpster by contacting a private rubbish removal service. Bulk and construction debris removal from hired contractors or fee for service personnel on home repair or renovation projects is considered commercial waste and it is therefore the responsibility of the contractor to arrange for appropriate private disposal.

Metal Bulk – Please note items, which are made of more than 50% metal, will be collected on your RECYCLING DAY. Simply place these items out for collection on your regular recycling collection day. Small metal items can be place in your recycling container or translucent blue plastic recycling bag. Large metal items (e.g. appliances) should be placed at the curb next to your recycling container. For safety reasons, the law requires that hinges or locks be removed from refrigerators.

Free dumping privileges are also available for residents at the Department Household “Self Help” dump sites. The following is the address for the Queens site:

Material may be brought to this location between 10:00 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. any day of the week including Sundays and holidays. For more information about this free service, call the Sanitation Action Center at (1-212) 219-8090. Queens: College Point 30th Avenue between 120th and 122nd Streets”

We are asking you all to please abide by these “Rules of Garbage.” They are important to helping us all live in a community that is clean and free of the visual blight that plagues many of our surrounding areas.

If you have any garbage questions, we urge you to call your CB5, telephone 366-1834, Personnel in that office will answer your questions and give you the guidance you need. CB5 is your neighborhood city office, paid from your tax dollars. Gary Giordano is the District Manager and he is there to help you.