The results of a study by the NYC Department Bob Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association has called for a comprehensive air quality study for the Maspeth and Middle Village communities.

He recently met with Congressman Joe Crowley (D,Elmhurst/Maspeth) and Congressman Anthony Weiner (D, Middle Village) to ask the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to commence testing for levels of harmful emissions of carbon monoxide, lead and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Queens County was ranked 3rd in the State in a 1996 study of VOC levels, just behind Brooklyn and Manhattan.

“With the Long Island Expressway and LaGuardia Airport jets pumping tons of pollutants in the air, as residents we have the right to know what we are breathing and what are the risks to our health, said Holden.

He said he believes that NYC is in violation of the federal Clean Air Act and could face millions of dollars in fines if measures are not taken to correct the problem.

Holden said that since the Fresh Kills Landfill has closed and the city is trucking out its trash, hundreds of diesel solid waste trucks have been added to the community streets further exasperating the air pollution problem. He said a more efficient and cleaner and safer way to transport trash is by rail.