Homeowners please note –
Starting June 1, 2003 new sanitation fines will be in effect. Amounts will double to $100 from $50. The increase was approved recently by the Environmental Control Board. It did not require City Council approval because the increases were within the statutory range for each violation.

Most of the increases are related to keeping property clean, specifically, snow removal, ice and dirt on sidewalks, loose rubbish, dirty sidewalks, sidewalk obstructions, failure to sweep 18 inches from curb and improper disposal of regulated household waste. Improper disposal of regulated household waste refers to people who put household garbage in public litter baskets, a common practice, particularly among illegal basement renters.

Sanitation police officers, who carry weapons, have been making the rounds checking on recycling violations.

The full explanation is on the Sanitation web site, www.nyc.gov/sanitation or call the NYC Citizen Service Center at 311.