Many mothers have long complained about the problem of loitering adults, especially men, who bother and pester young children in area parks. The problem is worsening even though most children are carefully guarded by their parents in the playground area. To help protect our children, the Juniper Park Civic Association is asking that signs reading – “No adults admitted without the company of a child,” be installed in children playgrounds within all neighborhood parks. The signs may elicit chuckles from the general population, to a predator though it can act as a deterrent.

These signs would be placed around swings, pools and other areas where children only should be playing. They would not be meant to keep anyone from freely using the areas of the park, only give parents the right to call for help if anyone continually bothers their children. The JPCA has learned that if these signs were in place, and 911 was called when these unsavory people were in the area, that action could be taken. As is stands now, unless the predators “do something,” nothing can be done.

Currently these signs are used in selected parks, mostly in Manhattan. In July, through a request from Tiffany Elliott of the Juniper Park Civic Association, these signs were installed in the playground at Juniper Valley Park. Already many parents have said they feel their children are safer as a result of the signs.

The Juniper Park Civic Association is actively supporting our youth by bringing readings to the park as well as the Children’s Safety Day last month in conjunction with the Park’s Department and the 104 Police Precinct.

For more information please contact the Juniper Park Civic Association at 718-651-5865 or by e-mail at