The Juniper Park Civic Association, NYC Parks & Recreation, Commerce Bank and RCN are proud to present German Night on Tuesday, July 31st, 7:30pm to 9:30pm as part of the Juniper Valley Park 2008 Free Summer Concert Series. The concert, to be held in the park at 80th Street & Juniper Boulevard North in Middle Village, will feature the popular band, die Schlauberger. The band, includes several members and crew from the Middle Village-Glendale area and is nationally recognized as one of the premier German bands. Concert goers should bring their own lawn chair.

About the band:
die Schlauberger (dSb) is musical proof that a band can please just about everyone. From festival standards that have the tent rocking to rock and roll meets alpine power, dSb keeps the crowd hopping, the beer flowing and the night electric. dSb is a powerhouse of musical expertise, expending enough energy to light up not only the crowd, but the fairgrounds, too. From the moment they step on stage until they have wrung the final note from their last song, die Schlauberger has the audience up and dancing to their powerful renditions of German favorites and other crowd pleasing tunes. die Schlauberger engages everyone within earshot to “expect the unexpected, then join in the fun.” Don't miss the band whose very mission is “Keeping the Traditionalists on their Feet and the New Generation Interested.”

dSb is sure to appeal to festival attendees no matter what their age. An event headlining die Schlauberger is sure to attract die-hard fans and captivate curious newcomers. The band’s potent sound, powerful stage presence and sincere interaction with the audience is a combination that will have festival patrons thrilled they came to your event and looking eagerly to the next one.

die Schlauberger’s “get involved” attitude grabs everyone within listening distance and keeps the audience in the palm of their collective hand until the grand finale. Their stage show has wowed crowds in venues as varied as the Trump Taj Mahal and Tropicana Casinos in Atlantic City, the Texas Wurstfest, the Hunter Mountain German Alps Festival, the Cincinnati Oktoberfest and the Bethlehem Musikfest, to name but a few.

They are the only band of their genre to perform a show and sing the American National Anthem to an audience of 50,000 fans at Shea Stadium, the home of baseball's New York Mets — and have since been invited back on four more occasions!

dSb has built a fan base competitors envy, making them the veritable “Pied Piper of Festival of Aficionados”. The band has incredible appeal to local radio listeners and high exposure to television audiences through their appearances on Home Shopping Network, QVC Network and Fox Network national television. The group also was featured in a 2004 National Network Television Commercial for Hewlett Packard’s IPOD. In July of 2005, dSb was involved in a movie shoot for the comedy “Down In The Mouth” with director/actor Kirby Ward.

Recording on the Wise Guy Records label, their body of work includes an original song commissioned for the 1994 World Cup Soccer Championships entitled “Fussballfest”. Their 1997 release, “Play It Loud,” has sold thousands of copies, and their third and fourth offerings, “Total Kaos” & Call It What You Want”, were considered for Grammy Award nominations. Out of 2,400 CDs in 28 categories the “Total Kaos” album was nominated for the 2001 JPFolk Music Awards, and on three separate occasions it has topped international music charts for sales in America. “dSb Live”, released in 2004 recreated the band’s potent presence on stage and their newest release in 2007, “Live 'N' Kickin'” captures all the best of dSb concert moments from their hugely successful 2006 tour.

Although dSb is best known for its festival appearances, loyal fans embrace the non-traditional aspect of their work every bit as enthusiastically. Their secret weapon is to prove that all kinds of music are fun and audiences across the country whole-heartedly agree. By turning every event into exciting, high-octane entertainment, dSb is fulfilling their mission to promote the future of the festival tradition. Without a doubt, dSb will raise the energy level of any festival or event.