The Juniper Park Civic Association is demanding that the owner of the property that includes the former St. Saviour’s Church in Maspeth, Queens, stop its assault on our neighborhood.

The owner of this property, namely Maspeth Development LLC, has shown an utter lack of regard for the safety and well being of the members of our community. On 4/2/06, neighbors noticed that asbestos tiles were being removed from the façade of the former church. A Department of Environmental Protection inspector was called to the scene and an argument ensued. The owner originally tried to block the inspector from accessing the property. When the inspector was finally allowed to complete his inspection, he found that the asbestos removal process was being done improperly, and was releasing harmful asbestos into the air that neighbors were breathing in.

On other occasions, this same owner has harassed people for taking photos of the property even though they have the legal right to do so and were on public sidewalks or streets at the time. This property has been used as an illegal waste transfer station since the day after Christmas 2005.

Since Maspeth Development LLC disrespects the members of this community and in addition plans to tear down our beloved historic church and overdevelop the property, the Juniper Park Civic Association is urging the community board to reject the company’s request for a zoning variance.