The Juniper Park Civic Association, Committee to Save the Trylon Theater and the Greater Astoria Historical Society are calling on Dennis Gallagher to act immediately to stop to the destruction of St. Saviour’s Church in Maspeth, Queens.

St. Saviour’s Church was founded in 1847 atop a hill in Maspeth, Queens, on land donated by U.S. Congressman and Maspeth pioneer, James Maurice. Renowned architect, Richard Upjohn, who designed the landmark Trinity Church in Manhattan, also designed St. Saviour’s in a Gothic style copied from a church the Maurice family saw while on a trip to Europe.

There is a stipulation in the original deed stating that the land may only be used for the purposes of a church. Therefore, the recent sale of the property to a developer who has plans to demolish the historic church and parsonage in order to erect up to 40 homes is illegal. Based on this, the Councilman may obtain an ‘order to show cause’ in New York State Supreme Court, which would stop all work on the property while this is further investigated. Via the City Council, he may also request that the Landmarks Preservation Commission calendar the property for further information gathering and public hearings. The calendaring of a property puts an automatic stop to demolition.

While we applaud the councilman’s efforts to have parts of Richmond Hill designated as an historic district, we would appreciate it if he spent as much time and attention fighting on behalf of the historic structures of Maspeth and Middle Village.