The Juniper Park Civic Association is again expanding its Halloween safety campaign to other police precincts in Queens County. The campaign dubbed, “Operation Cooperation,” is asking merchants in the neighborhoods to voluntarily pledge not to sell eggs and saving cream to minors during Halloween week. The campaign has worked successfully in the 104th Precinct for over 10 years.

Each Halloween hundreds of egg throwing and vandalism incidents occur throughout the City of New York. “Egg throwing often sparks violence leading to serious injuries and deaths,” said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Civic and founder of the program. Halloween vandalism also costs residents, merchants, and the city over $1 million each year in cleanup and repair bills.

The JPCA is making available the posters to merchants and police precincts wishing to participate. The posters read: “We Respect the Community, NO EGGS or Shaving Cream Sold to Minors This Week.” The name of the commanding officer of each participating precinct is displayed on the poster. Merchants hang the posters in their shops to alert minors that the establishment is working with the police and community on the program. Assistant Chief James Tuller, Patrol Borough Queens North, has worked with the JPCA on expanding the program.

For more information please call: 718-651-5865.