It is 1941 and America is about to enter World War II. This neighborhood that we call Elmhurst and Middle Village has just changed from farm lands to a community of affordable one family homes. The people of 80th Street became a solid front for the American way of life. They had a picnic that united them with each other and from this they reached out to the community to become volunteers, serving as wardens, sky watches, firemen and whatever else they could do to be of help in the war effort. The women saved fat, newspapers and string. They also got involved and started the first civic association, thus a neighborhood was born. Most of these people are gone now but some of the children remain. Some of the names were Fischer, Gutierrz, Maguire, Kelly, Smith, Johnson, Weiner, Garibaldi, Buoncore, Dondel, Seeman, Colburn, Suelis, Pound and Stahl to name just a few.