Congressman Joseph Crowley recently announced that the U.S. Postal Service has approved the Juniper Park Civic Association’s request to change designate a portion of Elmhurst–Middle Village. The area located south of the Long Island Expressway and north of Eliot Avenue from 74th Street to 86th Street will officially be named Middle Village, 11379. The implementation of the move will take place soon but an exact date has not been released.

Tim Higgins, Congressional aid to Crowley announced the approval at the April 18th meeting of the Juniper Park Civic Association at Our Lady of Hope School auditorium. The announcement was met with cheers from the 300 attendees.

“We are overjoyed with this announcement and thank Congressman Crowley and the US Postal Service namely Queens Postmaster William Rogers,” said JPCA president, Robert Holden. It was almost a year and half ago that Holden announced that the civic association would again seek to unite the community with the Middle Village postal zipcode.

Holden also said that hopefully the official announcement will take place shortly so the neighborhood can welcome the unification with a parade.

Postmaster Rogers said that the change will not affect regular mail delivery at all and only a slight delay in bulk mail (we call it junk mail) may be experienced for the first six months.

More details will be forthcoming at the Juniper Park Civic Assoc. Town Meeting on June 13th where Congressman Crowley is the special guest.