New York Times December 7, 1903 (Maspeth) • On the Long Island Railroad yesterday afternoon a train raced four miles to save the life of a man it had run down and injured. The trainmen put the victim in the hands of physicians in time to prevent his bleeding to death.

Samuel Allen of 76 Jackson Street, Brooklyn, was crossing the railroad tracks at Grand Street in Maspeth when he was struck by a train bound from Jamaica to Long Island City. The train was stopped and the crew found Allen lying insensible beside the track. It was found that arteries in the man’s head had been cut. The nearest hospital was St. John’s in Long Island City and Allen was placed aboard the train and hurried there at top speed. Word had been sent ahead to the hospital and Dr. Hubbard was waiting with an ambulance when the train arrived. Allen was hurried to the hospital where the bleeding was stopped. Last night it was said that he was still weak but that he would probably recover.