Babe Ruth was the king of swat
Cy Young won twenty games a lot
Ted was the last of the .400 hitters Gaylord Perry threw the wettest spitters
Ricky Henderson stole the most bases
Leo Durocher a man of many faces
Don Larsen pitched the perfect game
Pete Rose in the the Hall of Shame
Bobby Thompson could have
run for Mayor
Joe D. was the perfect player
There were not many like Stan the Man
You loved him though you were
a Dodger fan

Some say Cobb was the greatest
But Big Mac and Sosa are the latest
McLain was the last to win thirty
Spitting on the ump… man that’s dirty
Mel Allen and Red Barber did the
play by play
They were the best in their hey day
Red for the Dodgers, Mel for the Yanks
And lets not forget ‘ol Ernie Banks
I haven’t mentioned Mickey or Willy
And if I left out Aaron I’d look kind
of silly
Berra and Maris need I say any more
But it was Jackie Robinson who opened the door
Roberto Clemente met with disaster
At playing ball he was a master
This game of baseball is the
American dream
No matter which is your favorite team
So go on out and bring your kids
and wife
You’ll all have the time of your life

Home Run Fever
by Vincent Branigan

Baseball fans have home run fever
Big Mac and Sosa made them
a believer
Sixty two was the magic number
And these two guys swing a lot
of lumber
They both passed Ruth and Maris
And had people talking from
New York to Paris
Baseball needed this shot in the arm
With not much talent down on the farm
This race was getting so much closer
Big Mac just about leading Sosa
It was so exciting to hear the news
But it was too bad someone had to lose
One would win and get all the glory
The other will be just part of the story
Though both were great to tell the truth
Together they couldn’t fill the shoes
of ‘ol Babe Ruth.