“No one could be happier about doing business in Middle Village than me.” These words were recently stated to me by Brian Victor. Brian is the owner of Andy’s Deli in Middle Village and that statement just about sums up the essence of our neighborhood spotlight this issue of the Juniper Berry – Andy’s Delicatessen.

Andy’s Deli is one of those class act businesses that has been in our town since 1938. One day I got to thinking, “Wow, these guys really got it right, they go about their business quietly and efficiently, providing the neighborhood with the best a deli has to offer.” That’s when I decided, why not recognize an old standby business that personifies all that Middle Village is and actually will ever be, hard working, dedicated people who are proud to be doing business here.

In 1938 when Middle Village was just flexing its muscle and making the transition from farmland to a suburban (as it was regarded at the time) enclave of new homes, young families and fledgling businesses, Andy’s Deli was born. There have been several owners since 1938 and, Brian Victor, the current owner, actually sold the business several years ago. Brian told me recently that he missed the store and the neighborhood tremendously and when he had the chance to repurchase Andy’s in March of 2003, he jumped at the opportunity.

Brian brought an energy and revival to Andy’s Deli that had not been seen since its heydays. Windows were washed, shelves were cleaned and the stale odor of cigarettes that permeated the store, was gone. You could feel Brian’s enthusiasm for his reentry into Middle Village and you could see the results of his dedication to the business.

The food, let’s talk about the food. Andy’s menu is varied and it takes you from breakfast through dinner with food that is skillfully prepared by their cook, Doro Canacheu, with an assist from, Antonio Hernandez. Their cold cuts and salads are outstanding, with a vast array of choices. My daughter, Carol, loves the potato salad and every time I visit her in New Jersey I’m under the gun to pick up some of Andy’s potato salad. Andy’s also does catering and Brian can work with any group, grooming the food in whatever direction is necessary for a successful party. Everything is deliciously displayed and competitively priced.

Some background on Brian Victor reveals that he was born and raised in Flushing. He still lives there with his wife and young son. It is easy to see that Brian was raised with the old fashioned work ethic where you work hard and earn your success. We are very lucky that he chose our town to make his living and we can benefit from these superb characteristics that are so sorely missing from our everyday consumer landscape.

In an age of filthy twenty-four hour convenience stores, where surly service and sloppy food seem to rule, isn’t it nice to have a neighborhood cheerleader like Brian Victor of Andy’s Delicatessen in our midst. Brian is delighted to be here and have the opportunity to give you his best quality service and food prepared by his excellent staff. There are two stars in Andy’s Delicatessen, you, the customer, and the food. Aren’t we the lucky ones!

Welcome back to Middle Village, Brian. We know you’re here to stay.