Early April the parents and kids of PS49 took the day to clean up the fenced in yard on the north side that faces Juniper Boulevard South, at 80th Street. Fifteen lovely and energetic youngsters, from 1st to 8th grade worked to clear an estimated 2000 pounds of litter, trash, and discarded material. The litter had been collecting for quite a few years. When you next pass by the north yard, look inside. It’s neat and there have been flowers and plants added by the kids.

In mid-April the hard-working parents and youngsters were back to remove more debris and plant more flowers.

The yard requires one final scrubbing to remove all the broken glass over so much of the yard. After that the kids will be needing some help getting benches, tables, flower and vegetable seeds and other items to convert the area into an attractive spot for quiet activities.

How did the kids themselves answer the question as to what should become of the yard once it’s all cleaned up? “Benches for reading.” – Francesca, 3rd grade. “Make it possible for kids to enjoy.” – Ashley, 5th grade. “Make it possible for kids to get fresh air.” – Tom, 3rd grade. “Playground, area for teaching, area for play.” – Victoria, 5th grade. “Reading area, instead of reading in class. Needs benches.” – Olivia, 5th grade. “A garden; fruits and flowers. Fruits for the elderly and needy, and some for the students.” – Andrew, 4th grade. “Have barbeque and picnics.” – Stephanie, 8th grade. “Plant flowers so it’s beautiful, and let the kids help plant flowers, fruits and vegetables.” – Jackie, 1st grade. “Take down the fence and make the school yard bigger.” – Cara, 1st grade. “Make a garden with fruits and vegetables to be served in the cafeteria.” – Sabrina, 2nd grade. “Have a garden with walks.” – Alex, 1st grade. “Make it a reading center and a nature hunt and exhibit.” – Alison, 2nd grade. “Convert it to a math book center.” – Sam, 2nd grade. “Make it a picnic center for lunch and snacks.” – Christine, 2nd grade. “Make the area a nice, pretty garden.” – Colleen, 2nd grade.

Some impressive ideas! In the meantime PTA President Camille Lukas contacted Juniper Park Civic Association President, Robert Holden asking for help in getting picnic tables. Holden contacted Queens Parks Commissioner who managed to find four tables and they were delivered to the garden courtesy of the fine workers of the Parks Department. Can anyone else help make some of these wishes come true?

Thank you PS49 students. Thanks, parents. Your hard work make another corner of the world more attractive.