Grand Electrical Supply
69-61 Juniper Blvd. So.
Middle Village NY 11379

I had the opportunity recently to talk to John Randazzo, owner of Grand Electrical Supply on Juniper Blvd. South in Middle Village.

John is a local businessman who lived in Middle Village for many years. He had his electrical business on Grand Avenue in Maspeth for 14 years and moved to Middle Village 5 years ago.

Grand Electrical is a service oriented business that sells to the electrical contractors trade but John Randazzo is quick to point out that Grand also accommodates the retail trade.

Grand Electrical has a loyal following of customers and their product line includes all the named brand electrical supplies. The company also accommodates the customers with special order items.

John’s company occupies 12,000 square feet on the corner of Juniper Blvd. South and 69th Lane. If you recall, before Grand Electrical took over the space it was an unkempt messy corner with weeds strewn all over the place. It is now a neat area, with a clean white building and parking accommodations for customers and Grand Electrical company trucks.

John Randazzo sponsors local events with various non-profit organizations in the community and he very proudly points out that the colors of the company were always red, white and blue. No question though, since 9/11 those colors have more meaning to him and the business and when the Middle Village banner program got underway this past summer Grand Electrical was quick to sponsor five banners throughout the community,

John is married with two sons. He said that given the number of hours he puts in the business his wife is to be applauded for longevity, 24 years’ worth!

Grand Electrical employs four workers, two of whom live in Middle Village. They are Christopher Catalano, Allen Nanadich, (MV) Rory Greene and Patricia King. All have been with Grand Electrical for many years.

As I always point out when I do an article that spotlights a local business, they are the good guys and gals of the community. They support the Juniper Park Civic Association with their ads in the Juniper Berry. They are quick to answer our call for help on any pending projects. When you go out in the marketplace and want to spend your hard earned money, these are the businesses you should be patronizing.

Grand Electrical Supply, John Randazzo and his hard working, loyal workers will help you solve your electrical problems. They have earned your support in the local business community.