Flora was born in Manhattan in December 1925. Her parents, James and Anna, presented her for Baptism at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in L.I.C. Middle Village area resident for over 50 years. She and her sister Eleanor attended St. Bart’s Catholic Elementary School in Elmhurst and later graduated from Dominican Commercial High School in Jamaica. Member of the Steno Contest Winning Team at Dominican. Missie, a mini poodle, is 11 years old and is the fourth family-owned dog.

First job following high school graduation was as a stenographer/typist with NBC Radio Recording Department. Later worked in the family business, assisting her father in a linen sub-contracting industry. Trained as a coloratura soprano and pianist with the Miller Sisters, who had a studio in Elmhurst.

Long-standing Chair of the Membership Committee of Juniper Park Civic Association. Recently elected Treasurer of the Association, where she relies heavily on her computer skills which have been refined over a life-time of on-the-job training. Finds that her computer is a tool to help her do what she has to do faster and more efficiently. Staunch Democrat with special fondness for the political tenets of President Roosevelt and Adlai Stevenson. Member of Resurrection Ascension Roman Catholic Church. Until recently, through the Church, volunteered with the Dry Harbor Nursing Home, where she sang, played the piano and assisted with preparation for Mass for the residents. She emphasizes the importance of treating the elderly with dignity and respect.

Religious devotions and “connection to the spirit.” Playing the piano. Reading an assortment of literature. Maintaining computer skills. Tending to Missie’s needs.