Councilman Keeps Adding to Long List of Credits

There is a perception here in Middle Village and throughout our City that for once, things are getting better. A great deal of thanks is due to the leadership shown at City Hall through the Office of our Mayor Rudy Giuliani and, more importantly, through the support of our local Councilman, Tom Ognibene. These two men have brought about the changes needed to enhance and preserve our quality of life.

Over the last few years our community has been able to receive a great deal of funding for Capital Reconstruction including the beginning of the long awaited construction of the $2.9 Million Lutheran Avenue sewer project and the enhancement of our Parks and play areas.

This year, Councilman Ognibene was able to secure more than our fair share of money to insure that our parks will be the most modern and beautiful in the City of New York. He has secured a total of $1.17 million for the reconstruction of the Juniper Park Upper ball fields, and $1.56 million for the total refurbishing of Brennan Field which will include a rubberized state-of-the-art running track. Brennan will be completely renovated for permitted only activities.

In addition to these allocations, funding has been obtained to modernize Juniper Valley Park’s play equipment and for improvements to the Boccie courts.

These items were all approved in this year’s Capital Budget and are added to the other projects that are already in progress or that were recently implemented. Our public schools have benefited from grants. Public Schools 49, 128 and 87 and Junior High School 119 have all received $200,000 grants from the Councilman to bring state-of-the-art computer centers to our children through our local public school system. He has secured the funding to provide new street tree plantings and has had many of our deprived roadways repaired.

These are just a part of his accomplishments on behalf of our community. Councilman Ognibene has also obtained over one million dollars for the refurbishment of JHS 93 in Ridgewood along with funding for the renovations to Grover Cleveland Playground. He has secured $1,837,000 in the past two years for the total renovation of Jackson Pond Playground. In Glendale, Central Playground received an $800,000 renovation in which the basketball courts were modernized and state-of-the-art play equipment replaced. There is $250,000 in the budget allocated for Junior High School ll9’s playground enhancement.

These serve as a few examples of the initiatives that our Council Member has brought to the community. Often we hear comments from elected officials about how they bring services back from their respective level of government. It is clear that our closest elected official, Council Member Tom Ognibene has done more to enhance and preserve our quality of life than just talk.

He’s gone to City Hall and brought it back for us.

Middle Village:
• $2.1 million for funding for capital projects for sewer replacement and reconstruction to alleviate flooding
•Street repaving Middle Village, south of Metropolitan Avenue
•$400,000 for construction for Cooper Avenue pedestrian overpass (preliminary plan available in Councilman’s office)
•$200,000 computer grant for Public School 87
•$200,000 computer grant for Public School 129
•$200,000 computer grant for Public School 49
•$600,000 Juniper Roller Hockey Rink
•$1.7 million for rubberized track and refurbishing of Brennan Field
•$1.17 million for reconstruction of Upper Fields at Juniper Valley park
Funding for Modern play Equipment and improvements in Boccie Courts at Juniper Valley Park

•$375,000 capital improvements for Ridgewood Library
•$200,000 computer grant for Public School 71
•$200,000 computer grant for Public School 81
•$200,000 computer grant for P.S.88
•$25,000 restoration of Ridgewood Veteran’s Monument
•$475,000 for Grover Cleveland Park
•$950,000 completion Ridgewood Playground
•Computer grant for JHS 93 Project Smart Schools and funding for resurfacing ball fields
•$675,000 for reconstruction of Starr Street Playground

•Reconstruction of Sewers Chambers and Catch Basins in Community
•$500,000 for new Elevator and improvements in Glenridge Senior Center.

• $800,000 for reconstruction of Glendale Playground
•$375,000 capital improvements for Glendale Library
•$250,000 capital improvement for JHS 119 Playground
•$200,000 computer grant for P.S.91
•$200,000 computer grant for P.S. 113
•$200,000 computer grant for P.S. 68
•$400,000 allocation for off street parking 104th Police Precinct
•$575,000 Reconstruction of Victory Field (Baseball)

Woodhaven/Richmond Hill:
•$475,000 for renovation of Jackson Pond Playground
•$1.7 million for playground equipment at Jackson Pond
•$300,000 capital project for Woodhaven Cooperatives extension of Woodhaven Boulevard Service Road
•$200,000 computer grant for P.S. 56
•$200,000 computer grant for P.S. 66
•$125,000 Park fencing

Forest Hills:
Rehabilitation of Community Playground
$2 Million allocated for park/school at site of proposed multiplex movie theater.
$200,000 for Fencing in Forest Park

New Street Tree Plantings for entire District