Our community spotlight shines on Police Officer Karl Steininger of the l04th Pct.

Karl is a familiar face in our neighborhood because he walks the beat approximately five miles every day. He sometimes uses the scooter but usually he is walking.

We chose Karl for the spotlight this issue because it is hard to not recognize the tremendous dedication he brings to his job.

He can be seen on Eliot Avenue, standing, walking and talking to the passersby. He patrols Juniper Valley Park effectively and his enforcement of the law is well tempered with a sense of fairness.


He offers his help whenever possible and he has the persistence to stick with the situation until it is solved. He sometimes uses his day off to help people in the neighborhood solve a particular problem.

I can tell you from my own experience with Karl that he will almost “nag” until the job is done. As far as I’m concerned Karl can “nag” all he wants because we are the beneficiaries of his persistence.

On the personal side, Karl is 35 years old, single and has been a police officer for fourteen years, ten of them with the l04t Pct. He knows the territory. Photography is his hobby and he is planning a trip in May. His special interest is videographing Japanese and American WW II shipwrecks of the South Pacific . He is scheduled to visit the Micronesian Islands of Yap, Palav, Guam and Saipan with a stopover in Thailand and Hawaii.

Karl’s goal is to retire in Hawaii. However, he is young and he will be with us for several more years. We wish him well in his future aspirations.

Officer Steininger is one of the most popular community patrol officers to patrol the Juniper Valley area.