We all know Butchie DiLorenzo. He is the beloved auto mechanic who operated the Gulf Gas Station and auto repair service on Eliot Avenue and 72nd Street in Middle Village who passed away recently at the very young age of 50. Butch’s death stunned and saddened the entire community. I spoke to his wife, Rosemary, recently.

Rosemary DiLorenzo is still overwhelmed by her husband’s untimely death but she prefers to remember Butchie as the kind, friendly person who always had a smile for everyone.

They were married for 29 years and from the way Rosemary spoke you immediately know it was a solid, mutually satisfying union. They have one son, Richard, who is 22 years of age.

Rosemary and Butch moved to the Middle Village, Maspeth area about 20 years ago. Butch operated the gas station at Eliot Avenue and 73 Street for l4 years. They were in the process of moving the business nearby.

The three DiLorenzo’s, Rosemary, Butch and son, Richard, all shared the same love for racing cars. They spent much of their free time going to the different racing events. and were planning another one very soon.

Their son, Richard, is graduating St. John’s University shortly and he is a part-time DJ.

Rosemary DiLorenzo is a secretary at Our Lady of Hope School and she is trying very hard to get her life back in focus. The shock of her husband’s death is overwhelming to her and their son. Butch DiLorenzo would have been 51 on March 10th. The community that Butch served was just as shocked as evidenced by the very large display of flowers sent to the gas station on the day Butch was laid to rest.

Rosemary stated that she and Richard will carry on and and are very comforted by their family and friends. As she stated, “that’s what Butchie would have wanted.” Good luck Rosemary and Richard and be comforted in the fact that Butch DiLorenzo was a much loved and respected businessman, husband and father.