It was Friday, January 21st, a freezing cold day with temperatures in the single digits. So why were the 5th graders at P.S. 128 in Middle Village sweating up a storm? Together, the 5th grade classes were working hard to raise money for an environmental charity called Earth Share. The 5th grade students wanted to take a more active part in helping the world around them, rather than just talk about it. So they decided to hold an exercise-a-thon, where each student got sponsors and then performed different exercises in order to raise money. The students traveled from station to station doing jumping jacks, sit- ups, push-ups, basketball tosses, and jumping rope. Parent volunteers helped by counting how many exercises each child completed in a certain amount of time. Not only did the students have fun working together towards a worthwhile goal, but they felt empowered. Now they know they can make a difference if they take action and work together. They wanted to show they care – and they did! The 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Eileen Yesner and Mrs. Vicki Koenig, as well as their principal, Mr. John Lavelle, are extremely proud of how hard all of the students worked on this project. So don't forget – kids care!

After the fund raiser the students were asked to write how they felt. Here are their responses:

Class 5-1

Alyssa Tallini… When we had the exercise- a -thon I felt very good about myself because I know what I did may not have picked up every piece of garbage on Earth, but it was a small step to help.

Anthony Delia…I felt happy at the exercise- a – thon because it was cool that we did exercises for charity.

Michael Shoreland…Today made me feel like I helped the whole world. I feel like nobody should throw a piece of paper on the floor ever again.

Krystle Kost… This morning was tough but I had a good time. I had to do push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, and jump rope. I am glad I did this because I love a green Earth.

Jenna Perrell… This morning at the exercise – a – thon I felt happy and sad, happy because we all did something great and tried the best we could, sad because we had to do this in the first place. I mean life would be better and safer if everyone would leave everything the way it is.

Alexander Advic… This morning made me feel good because we helped a good cause. We did a lot of exercises and raised a lot of money.

Lindita Odzic… This morning I felt happy because I knew we were helping the Earth to stay clean. I also felt proud because we raised a lot of money.

Patrick Campbell… I felt great during the exercise – a – thon because I knew I was helping out wildlife and the environment. It was fun.

Justin Leisenheimer…This morning made me feel good because I got to exercise. Another good thing is that the money is going to Earth
Share. My favorite part of today were the sit ups because they were enjoyable.

Jeremy Gomez…This morning we raised a lot of money for Earth Share. I feel good about helping out the Earth and raising money to have a better environment.

Jessica Ruestow…This morning I felt great that we were actually making a difference in the world. Even though all of the garbage isn't picked up, it's still a difference and one step up.

Richard Gecsedi… This morning made me feel caring that I am raising money so that our community can be clean. We did it because we care about the community and the Earth.
Danny Reilly…This morning made me feel happy because we were doing something fun. It also made me proud because we were helping Earth and the Earth Share organization. I thought it was a good way of helping Earth.

Francesca Arminio…At the exercise – a – thon it felt great to exercise and help the environment. I had lots of fun. It was one of the best days of the year. I had 5 sponsors and raised over 50 dollars.

Ashley Meany… This morning made me feel proud of myself because I did a good deed for Earth Share. I also felt healthy because I was doing exercises.

Jennifer Pipitone …I felt great about myself today. By doing this fund raiser we are improving the world and making it a better place for the next generation of people who are going to live here.

Matthew Rubino… When I was doing the exercises for the Earth Share organization, I felt like I was doing a good thing by raising money to help our Earth.

Sabrina Bommarito… This morning I felt excited because both 5th gradeclasses were having fun and talking with each other about how many exercises they did and how much money they raised.exercises they did and how much money they raised. We were all happy because we all helped our Earth together.

Deborah McCoy… I felt like I was doing something good today. Some places in our environment are not in good condition and we are helping
so we can live in a happy , clean world.

Gabriell Jonke… This morning was exciting. We did exercises to raise money to give to Earth Share.

Jenna DiVerniero… Today I feel proud and healthy. I'm proud because we raised money for organization to help our environment, and I feel healthy because I exercised.

Nico Siracusa… This morning we exercised for Earth Share. I felt good because we helped the environment by exercising and earning money.

John Martin …This morning I felt happy and honored. I think what I did was really great, I really like helping the Earth.

Andrew Fesler… This morning I felt good because it was fun doing all the exercises. We did this to help a group called Earth Share. I hope the money we raised will help them.

Julia Marone… This morning I felt very happy that I raised money for the Earth Share organization. The exercise – a – thon was very, very enjoyable. We went from station to station and did different exercises.

Francesco Concordia… Today's event woke me up because I am usually sleepy in the morning. I especially liked the basketball toss, even though I only made one basket.

Class 5-2

Kristina Puzino…I feel like I had to accomplish a goal by helping the environment. I feel like the world lost a piece of itself and I found it and put it back.

Daniela Giacommarra…I enjoyed doing this because I know I helped the environment. Yes, it was a lot of hard work, but we have nice people in this school who really care about our Earth.

Meghan Haley-Quigley…Right now I am tired but definitely proud of myself. I am proud because I have helped the environment by doing a simple thing – exercising! At first I did not want to raise money, but I now know I have really done something to help!

Justine Balog…I know we're only twigs in a giant forest, but what the 5th grade and I did today made us grow higher than all the rest. We may not stand out much in the world, but in spirit we do!

Stephanie Bachar…I feel good that I was able to help the environment by just doing push ups and jumping jacks. While we were exercising I was happy to see the whole fifth grade working together and making the world a better place to live in. I knew this project would be trying, but it was worth every second.

Ryan Nohilly… I feel so good and proud of myself. I liked what I did and I have to thank Mrs. Koenig for setting this up. It was a great idea and it shows she really cares. I hope the money I raised will help.

Michael Ruppert…Woo! That was great! I'm very tired but every ounce of sweat was worth it to help the environment!

John Tartamella…I feel very good about what I just did. I never thought that it would be so much fun to give to charity. I hope I will get to do something like this again.

Ian Leisenheimer…Today both 5th grade classes got together and helped the Earth by participating in sports activities for money to help the environment. I feel good but tired. Well, at least it was a good deed and it was worth every second.

Christina Turcoane… Right now feel like I am walking on air because I made a difference in the world. I am also really proud because I just
spent an hour of straight exercising. Helping the Earth feels great, in more ways than one

Jessica Simboli… I liked to participate in helping the Earth and the environment because it shows I am a member of the community and the

world. I think we should all be proud of ourselves.

Michael Oniszczuk…. I enjoyed doing this project. It was kind of hard at some moments, but I knew this was for our environment. I feel great!

Andrew Nunez… Our 5th grade class had a exercise- a -thon to help the environment. I feel proud of myself now because I helped Earth.

Catherine Dagostino… I really loved doing this fund raiser because it was so much fun. I am proud and very happy that I could help the Earth. I loved doing every activity in the playroom. I am tired but happy that I could help.

Michael Guerri… I feel proud and accomplished. The proudness comes from seeing the whole 5th grade participate in the fund raiser. I feel accomplished because I'm changing the environment in a better way.

Vita Sottile…I loved that fund raiser. For once in my life I shared things and games with other kids.

Dennis Haddock…I feel great because I was helping the world to become a better place!

Patrick Santoro…I am proud of myself and everyone that helped the world. I earned a lot of money. I enjoyed and loved doing every activity. I am bushed , but I am glad I helped the environment and the world.

Daniel Benenati… I feel relieved now that the Earth Share fund raiser is over. I am happy because I exercised for a good cause. I am also glad I helped the Earth and my community.

Jackie Andosca… I feel good because I feel like I made a big
difference in the world.

Agnes Tamburello…I feel good today because I helped the Earth.

Jennifer Madden…Wow! I did a lot of exercising to raise money to help the Earth. Our sponsors will donate the money and the parents even helped out today too.

William Mallon… Right now I feel good because I will donate money to help the Earth.

Keith Roman… I feel like the blood has been cleaned out of me but I am proud because it was to save the Earth.

Joyce Guo…I think it's really nice that my class helped the Earth. I hope the money will be used to plant more plants in the spring.

Daniel Tomasiak… I feel happy and proud because I helped the Earth.