Dear Editor:
My family and I have been living in this neighborhood for 14 years. We moved here because it was clean, quiet, and safe. The community seemed concerned. Being near Juniper Park is an extra bonus.

Through the years however, I’ve seen some changes. Thee a less police patrolling the park. People from other neighborhoods playing soccer don’t seem to know what trash cans are used for. Many dog owners are not concerned about the health hazards they cause when dog feces are not picked up.

I have mixed feelings about the new banners around the park honoring our loved ones and heroes who lost their lives on 9/11/01. The ones with the lost firefighters names are appropriate. But the ones with company advertising are not.

In regard as to what should be built at the former Elmhurst Gas Tanks – how about a much needed public high school?

Many people talk about how important education is for our youth. But when it comes to having a free public high school built in their neighborhood, they want no part of it. Maybe all those advertisers using their names on the banners should pull together along with the City of New York and build a new high school in our neighborhood in honor of our lost loved ones from the tragedy of 9/11. It could be called the Queens Memorial High School. But I know that will not happen. Too bad.

Peter Sofio

P.P Anyone want to fight for this cause? I’m available.

Dear Editor:
Once again the JPCA has outdone itself by erecting banners of the American flag on the light poles of our community. It is with great pride to see these banners honoring the memory of those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.
Hats off to all the sponsors who purchased the banners and all those involved in getting the job done.

Teresa Caputo
Middle Village

Dear Community,
I want you all to know how grateful the families living on 77th Pl, 58th Rd, and 58th Ave, are to the Juniper Park Civic Association, and Police Officers of 104 pct.

We were dealing with constant lewd acts, and flashing by a resident for a couple of months now, and although police were called many times, we were unable to receive adequate results. I believe a reason why our complaints were not handled in an efficient manner was due to a lack of manpower. However, with the help of PO Karl Steininger Beat 6, who assisted us along the path, things were starting to come together. There were times when the police could do no more. With the support of Tiffany Elliot, who went beyond the call of duty and went out of her way to get me important information. As well as, Bob Holden, President of Juniper Park Civic Association, supporting us in every way possible, by bringing peace of mind to our beautiful and safe community, and ending this ongoing problem.

You all should know that Juniper Civic Association is there for all of us. They invest so much time to follow-up on issues and concerns, never giving up until it is over. It is like having a full time job. We all must support and be thankful to each and every one of the committee members, and police as well, for time, dedication and outstanding results. They do care for this community and all that live here. I am proud they go to the extra mile to make things safe, clean, and wonderful. Each of us need to take a little time out and attend the town meetings, they are extremely informative, as I found out after attending. Remember this community belongs to all of us and, your opinion does count. You too can make a difference, just by getting involved. Results happen when you do!

I would like to close by thanking all the Police Officers, especially PO Steininger, Lt. Vorbek, and Sgt. Autera, for all their help, and continued support. To the neighbors, you are terrific and thank you for banning together and believing in each other, we can and did accomplish this together. One more thank you goes to Rose Walia, from Channel 2 News, and her camera man. Rose, thanks for caring about our community and our well being, your dedication is endless.

This is not over yet, but I intend to make sure that this never happens again.

Eternally grateful,
Sondra & William Schindler
and the families of 77th Pl, 58th Rd. and 58th Ave.

Dear Juniper Park Civic Assoc.:
Thank you for your great concern and diligence in our great park and community. We appreciate all your help for us. Keep up the good work.

Tracey and John Gregory
Middle Village

Dear Editor:
Dorothy Speer, a friend and Juniper Berry columnist, passed along two recent issues of the Juniper Berry to me last Saturday and I have been enjoying them ever since.

I would like to compliment you on the fine publication you are putting out; very professional in every regard. I have lived in this neighborhood all my life and am enjoying every article, reminiscing as I go along. What I like, in particular, is that when you include an article about “quality of life” concerns, like noise, etc., you quote the law and give departments and telephone numbers where infractions can be reported. This is a real public service. Keep up this good work.

Even though I am not technically a Middle Village resident (I live a block off the border), I would like to support your good work and continue receiving the Juniper Berry on a subscription basis.

Please find attached, herewith, my check for $15.00 and start my subscription with the next issue. Thanking you in advance for your attention and courtesy and looking forward to being a long time subscriber.

Sincerely yours,
Madeline B. Galbraith

Dear Editor:
I read the story in the Juniper Berry from Geniene Sciacca about the dangerous crossing at 69th Street and 60th Road and the woman hit by a truck. For years we have all had close calls with accidents. A traffic light would be the answer to save lives. There would be a better flow of traffic if 69th Place between Caldwell and the Expressway were changed to a two- way street. The street is very wide and encourages the speeders. Why are our elected officials making us wait so long for help? Thank you,

Dear Juniper Park Civic Association:

I have been a homeowner in Maspeth for 34 years and raised 3 sons who have always loved and enjoyed Juniper Valley Park. My husband and I still enjoy walking around the park but not on Sundays. The soccer players have overtaken the park and the garbage the spectators leave behind is disgusting, not to mention the cooking, which I thought was not allowed. I hope that these disrespectful people will not spoil the beauty of our park. Thank you for any attention you may give in this matter.


Dear Editor,
I have been a resident of Middle Village for 2 1/2 years. Over the summer, I noticed teenagers riding around on gasoline powered scooters.

No helmets, obviously to young for a license… I ask, where are they parents and what are they thinking? Shouldn't someone be enforcing something regarding this? If children need helmets to ride bicycles and scooters, why are these kids getting away with riding these things with nothing… and in the street!! I think the parents need to be found and fined. It really is irresponsible to let children ride these things. I am not sure where to turn regarding this. I figured this would be a good place to start.

Maria Mikol

Dear Editor:
I am writing this letter on behalf of BW Gottschee Youth Soccer, a 501(C)(3) non-profit sports organization, regarding the proposed development of the Keyspan property and former site of the “Elmhurst Tanks”.

While several ideas have already been proposed, this property, by virtue of its size and location, presents a unique opportunity to be utilized as a sports/recreational site for the community. This would be an invaluable asset for local families and their children, providing them with an infrastructure for positive, constructive activities. As it stands, the area suffers from an extreme lack of sports fields and facilities, forcing youth onto the streets and often into less than desirable activities. Additionally, families are often moving to the suburbs instead of staying in their communities because there is little to offer their children. Exacerbating the problem, recent public school expansion throughout the area has reduced recreational play space by eliminating existing schoolyards, displacing community youth. Developing the KeySpan site as a public sports/recreational area would be a substantial way to offset that loss.

As citizens, we recognize the fiscal constraints the City of New York is facing and appreciate the struggles it has gone through since September 11, 2001. But we also feel that is all the more reason that every effort be made to add something positive to our communities at this time, especially for the youth. They need hope and a future here.

A development project of this nature would be a relatively inexpensive way to provide incentive for families to remain in the city and community and not turn elsewhere. Families and children in the area have plenty of retail options; what they lack and need the most are constructive recreational opportunities.

We encourage you to use the resources of your office to urge the necessary parties to consider turning this property over to the appropriate city/community organization for development as a community sports/recreational site.

Sincerely yours,
Timon Kalpaxis
BW Gottschee
Youth Program Coordinator

Dear Editor:
I want to Thank the staff of the Juniper Berry for a doing great job on their September/October issue. I am a NYC firefighter and knew some of the heros written in the magazine. I found the article of Lt. Kenny Phelan and his family very moving. I am proud of the way this community has gathered together for the candle light vigil these last 2 years. We all have to thank Kathy Pellegrino and the others involved for their hard work. I would like to request that FF Ruben Correa's name be mentioned next year if the vigil continues. Ruben was the only firefighter from Engine 74 that was killed on 9/11. He lived on 72nd Place, Maspeth for years before moving to Staten Island 3 years ago. Ruben was a very devoted family man and left behind his wife Suzy and 3 beautiful daughters. He was a great person to work with also.
Thank You,
John Breen
Middle Village

Dear Editor:

I retired from the Triboro Coach Corporation after 37 years’ service. I was the #1 driver for the last 5 years.

The address on my JPCA dues check indicates Setauket however I still own a home on 78th Street near Eliot Avenue. The Nietzschmann family has lived on 78th Street since the house was built in 1939. We grew up in Middle Village. As a teenager some friends and I used to deliver the Juniper Berry to neighborhoods around Middle Village, then called Elmhurst. My son and his family are now living in my 78 Street house. He’s a NYC fireman and is looking to buy a home of his own. His firehouse is in Middle Village. I am also a friend of Lorraine Sciulli, ask her if she remembers Jack and Nina.

Jack Nietzschmann

Response: Yes Jack, I do remember you and Nina very vividly. In fact I remember going to Resurrection/Ascension School with you. I recall you being in my class. Where have the years gone?

Lorraine Sciulli, Assistant Editor