Civic Leads Way – LIE Improvements

Thanks to an initiative by JPCA president Bob Holden, the Long Island Expressway is slated for some major improvements in reducing noise and improving the quality of life for residents living around the expressway. New sound barriers, which will be aesthetically more pleasing than the drab gray concrete one previously installed, are on the drawing board. But more importantly, the NYS Department of Transportation is in the process of studying various methods of reducing the whine from tires caused by the concrete roadbed installed several years ago. The JPCA had complained that the concrete roadbed was the cause of the dramatic rise in noise from the LIE.

Holden contacted elected officials, Congressman Joe Crowley, Congressman Anthony Weiner, State Senator Serf Maltese, Assemblymembers Marge Markey and Michael Cohen, and Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz to form a LIE noise task force. Also invited was the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce and Gary Giordano, District Manager, Community Board 5. Also recommended was increased tree and shrub plantings along the perimeters. CB5 and Chamber of Commerce member Anthony Nunziato, made several suggestions that NYS landscapers are in the process of implementing.

The Noise Task Force is meeting at Assemblywoman Markey's office and will continue to monitor designs until implemented.

Times Newsweekly Online
George Schubel

The Times Newsweekly (aka Ridgewood Times) newspaper has launched an impressive website that offers local news, history and a chance to send classified ads directly to the paper. The site will also be linked to city, state and local websites as well as civic and community groups. Currently the site has an excellent article on the founding of WHN radio station by the founder and former publisher of the Ridgewood Times, George Schubel.

Founded in 1908 as RIDGEWOOD TIMES, the paper has long been active in community affairs, working with local civic groups in obtaining improvements libraries, schools, senior centers and recognition for the area.

WHN, one of the City's first radio stations,was originally part of the Ridgewood Times Corporation.

The web address (url) is You can also use

Compromising the Quality of Our Community for a Cup of Coffee.

7-Eleven Convenience Store on Eliot Avenue – Oct. 21, 10:45 pm.

To all those residents who regularly shop at the 24 hour 7-Eleven Convenience store, a word of caution. The old saying… “what goes around, comes around,” may apply here. As homeowners and residents of the community we have to stick together. One homeowner's fight is everyone's. Especially one involving the future of our neighborhood as this issue. If you lived next to the 7-Eleven, you would want the civic association to fight hard to stop it.

Many times the civic association is your only voice in the community to solve problems and address important issues. It is on the front linesñprotecting the neighborhood against forces that would destroy it. And they are all volunteers. While most residents are home with their families, Juniper Park Civic Association volunteers are attending meetings and public hearings that have an impact on our community. The neighborhood is solid because of the Juniper Park Civic Association. Elected officials listen to a strong civic association. With 1,600 families as members the JPCA is a strong voice in the community

Those few who are critical of our stance on this issue may in the future have a 24-hour franchise move near their house. Or a homeless shelter, like the one the civic association helped defeat in 1990. We feel it is rather shortsighted of some individuals to compromise the future of our community for a cup of coffee.