The Gen. Slocum Memorial Association announces that the Annual Ecumenical Memorial Service will be held on Saturday June 15, 2002 at 11:00 A.M. in the Trinity Lutheran Church on Dry Harbor Road, Middle Village, NY. At that time we will Remember the Victims, Survivors, …Heroes & Heroines, and …. The Caregivers who played some role in the tragedy. This will be the 98th year of Remembrance and this year, include a remembrance for the WTC tragedy.

Immediately thereafter, (approximately 12:30) the Memorial Wreath will be laid at the Slocum Tomb of the Unidentified as the Boy Scouts lower the flag to half mast. Children will participate in this task. Then, a presentation will be made to a NYC PD heroine whose heroism epitomizes that displayed during the Slocum tragedy.

All are welcome to participate and/or contribute their Slocum stories, or, just to remember.

For further information: The Gen. Slocum Memorial Association 63-70 Dry Harbor Road Middle Village, NY 11379