Edmond Demirdjan, D.D.S.
76-17 Eliot Avenue 718 426-6959

Office hours by appointment

The future of dentistry is here in Middle Village. This young Dentist took over Dr. Kornfeld’s practice in June of 2001 and completely computerized the office. While getting your teeth worked on you can watch a video of your choice, thanks to the new DVD and computer monitor above the chair. This technology allows Dr. Demirdjan to use live video streaming for his lectures and publications as well as patient education and to keep track of before and after results.

Dr. Demirdjan’s family has lived on 80 St. in Middle Village for 32 years and attends Our Lady of Hope parish. He attended Resurrection Ascension School for a time before Bronx High School of Science. He went on to college at Adelphi in Garden City and then Brookdale University where he learned reconstructive surgery first-hand. In his spare time you can find him walking his Cocker Spaniel in Juniper Valley Park or a world away skiing in Europe.

Dr. Demirdjan works on both adults and children, as his waiting room indicates with toys and kid-size furniture. Though his specialty is implantology and cosmetic bleaching, he is quick to point out general dentistry is also his forte. “An old fashioned one man practice” is the answer I receive when I asked what he sees in his practice’s future, “Also, this practice is service oriented; patients are seen at their appointed time, the highest level of care is delivered, and they are given the time and attention they deserve.” Feel free to welcome Dr. Demirdjan to the neighborhood with a visit to his office.