Now that I've reached the “Creaking Age” when everything in the body creaks and groans like the floor boards in an ancient row boat I find that what's left of my health is up a creek without a prescription. In addition to all my maladies something new has been added that has kicked me when I'm down. My right knee has collapsed like a worn out accordian I don't like the tune it's playing.

To compensate for my recent lack of mobility I've acquired a cane. With the help of this cane I've tried to create a level praying field while crossing no man's street on the corner of Eliot and 80th. Unfortunately what I really need is something more substantial like an AK47 to protect me. Either that or a white flag to surrender my right of way.

All this has led me to thinking about a way to retaliate against all the traffic I can't bear.

Hopefully, some day maybe all the cane walkers like myself will ban together and rise up against the tyranny of the motorists who constantly risk our lives.

What we need is a “CANE MUTINY!