This scene has been a familiar one for many generations. But there have been some noticeable changes over the decades, too. In 1940, trolley tracks and the vehicles that rode them dominated Metro. Overhead wires crisscrossed the street. There was a stop in front of the easternmost gate of Lutheran Cemetery at the time. The cars of Myrtle Avenue line subway commuters are parked along the south side of the street. The Frank T. Lang building can be seen in the distance.

In 2018 the cemetery is now known as All Faiths. The trolleys and their tracks have been replaced by bus lines. The overhead wires are long gone. There is a large mausoleum inside where there were once only trees. Parking is prohibited along Metro during the work week and just outside Christ the King High School's entrance you’ll now find a stoplight and painted crosswalk. The Lang building still stands but is obscured by the presence of another building, which will soon become the home of Animal Care & Control’s Queens Intake Center.