A Brief Who’s Who in NY State Republican Party:

Dennis Gallagher: (R, 30th CD), Chronic drunk; Criminal Sexual Assault; Spawned by Serf Maltese.

Anthony Como: (R, 30th CD); succeeded Gallagher; Never disassociated himself from Gallagher; Even retained Gallagher’s staff; Apparently incapable of independent hiring of staffers; Also a spawn of Maltese; Builds a monster MacMansion near Gallagher’s house, Collects “Stop Work Orders”; Latest violation: “endangering the lives of workers”; First hours after swearing-in, meets with primarily Democrat Parkside PR Firm (frequently associated with over-development); Favors concrete and artificial turf to cover Ridgewood Reservoir; Frightened by “tough questions” in public debate.

Serphin R. Maltese: (R, 15th SD) – over 18 years in NY State Senate; Recent bills include the dysfunctional “Lawn Litter” bill, which is written so sloppily that Bloomberg disabled it by creating needlessly near-impossible hurdles to prevent litter and creating home security exposure; Cultivated the political “careers” of Gallagher and Como; colludes with Democrats in the numerous “no-compete” pacts that eliminate true competition between the two parties.

Vito Fossella: (R, SI), DWI, Cheating on wife and family – US Congress; resigning.

Frank Powers: (R, Handpicked (by party hacks) millionaire successor to Vito Fossella), now deceased. Powers was a board member of the MTA; That’s a real plus.

Frank Powers, Jr.: (FP, SI); 47-year-old son, a carpenter and lead singer of a punk band named Box of Crayons who had announced he was running against his dad for Fossella's seat as a member of his own party, the Free Party.

John Powers: 45, another troubled son of late Staten Island powerbroker was hauled off in handcuffs after he shoved a cop and caused a scene at his father's funeral, witnesses said.

Joe Bruno: (R, 43rd NY Senate District), NY State Senate majority Leader – resigned – under investigation for corruption by state and fed agencies.

Dean Skelos: (R, 9th NY Senate District), newly-elected NY State Senate Majority Leader to replace Sen. Joe Bruno; will meet with Bloomberg (? – ?) Boston Billionaire, formerly a Democrat, then a Republican, now with Independence party, currently trying to purchase the NY State Republican party; Apparently, Skelos is prepared to sell the NY State GOP to Bloomberg.

George Pataki: (R, NYS) – Former governor, New York State – 1995 – 2006, three consecutive terms; GOP delegate for John McCain.

Joseph Mondello: (R, NY State GOP Chairman) – Removed Gov. Pataki as a McCain delegate in a revenge move; Never removed the sexual pervert Gallagher from the Republican party, even after Gallagher’s indictment and subsequent plea deal; but has exercise his personal revenge on Pataki as Skelos sells the party to Bloomberg.

That’s just a brief update on the chaos of the political organization called the Republican Party. If you’re a Democrat, don’t gloat. The only actual contest these two parties engage in is to see which is more venal, corrupt, and devoted entirely to self dealing for personal enrichment.

Nevertheless, this is what we have here in the city and the state (as well as at the national level, too, but, that’s another column).

Joseph Mondello, NY State GOP Chairman, savages Gov. Pataki for personal reasons, but refused to expel from the Republican Party the deviate and chronic drunk Gallagher despite requests to do so, has accomplished nothing of value to improve the State Republican Party. But, he hopes that all New Yorkers will fall for the spin, and keep electing the same old failures.

What has Mondello done to encourage young men and women throughout the state to become active in politics and run for office? Is Mondello another one of the wheeler-dealers who dread competition – in primary as well as general elections – in all levels of elective office in New York State?

Dean Skelos, the new Senate Majority Leader’s initial acts is to beg Michael Bloomberg – who has no loyalties, except to extending his power – to determine the price Bloomberg will pay to own the Republican Party.

We detest the double dealers in sports, but are willing to re-elect the dregs dealt to us by those who have no concern for our interests: low taxes, reliable services, honest, transparent governing, good schools, roads, police services, and freedom from criminals. We want to be free from the predators who invade our homes to injure us (or worse) and steal our hard-earned possessions.

We also want to be free from the predator politicians who use our hard-earned tax money to take our children’s food from the table, their tuition and clothing money, and even our retirement funds.

How can we get rid of the predators and start employing modest, honest, competent, intelligent individuals who have lived and walked in our shoes and who genuinely understand the interest of taxpayers – both individuals and businesses – and are happy to plunge in to construct the sensible, fair rules for all of us to live by. My description of a true candidate is someone who works for an income, routinely rides mass transit and puts out his or her own garbage. That person has lived like we do, and there are many, many New Yorkers who fit this description.

You, dear reader, just might likely fit this description. Or, your grown sons and daughters just might.

But, let's stop accepting the dregs that the career politicians and party hacks find running with the cockroaches.

We can take control if we just examine the candidates palmed off on us by people who couldn’t care any less for our interests.

Here’s the quiz you’ve been so worried about: who said: “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it.”?

Send in your answer. First correct answer gets a free copy of the Juniper Berry.