Dear Neighbors,

In the next week, a package of legislation that will require greater transparency and accountability from the Department of Buildings will be passed by the New York State Assembly. My bill, A.7755 is part of this comprehensive seven bill initiative aimed at curbing the abuses of builders and developers that continually violate the law. A.7755 requires the DOB to re-inspect worksites found to have hazardous violations every sixty days until the violations are cured.

Key provisions of other bills in this package include:
• DOB will to provide monthly reports to the Community Board on all new activity, violations and enforcement actions in their jurisdiction.
• The right of Self-Certification will be rescinded for architects found to have previously filed false statements.
• A licensing Board will be created to certify contractors working within NYC.
• Property owners will have greater protection from damage caused by adjacent work sites.
• Certificates of Occupancy will not be issued until all fines are fully paid.

These laws help to reassert the community’s proper role in monitoring and approving the construction that takes place within it; and requires the Department of Buildings to be an equal partner in the enforcement of the law.

I have attached a copy of my bill A.7755 and A.7745a, the New York City Department of Buildings Accountability Act, for your review. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact my office at your convenience.

A07755 Summary

A07745a Summary


Andrew Hevesi
Assembly Member 28th AD