Ober Also Issues Statement About the Next Step in His Campaign

Charles Ober sat back last night in amazement and disbelief that instead of Elizabeth Crowley condemning this horrible letter, sent to all the voters, she used this time to question his loyalties and sought to malign his credentials as a Democrat. Ober stated “I registered as a Democrat on my 18th Birthday and I vote consistently. I have worked on at least a dozen or so Democratic campaigns and have donated money to many candidates. I have rung door bells to get signatures and have taken my vacation to help candidates. I have never seen Crowley work on any of these campaigns. I am also the President of the Ridgewood Democratic Club, amongst many other things.” Ober further stated “I cannot believe that Crowley was the only candidate that did not call me to speak against the letter, but issued a statement attacking me through her campaign manager questioning my motives, rather than face this issue head on, with me personally”

On the subject of teaming up with Ognibene for the press conference, Ober stated “I decided to accept Tom Ognibene’s invitation to stand with me and refute this horrible letter. After careful consideration, I felt that this was not a political stunt as hinted by Crowley, but it was a time to put politics on the side and stand against hateful people that would send such a disgusting letter out against me. Tom was not only considerate enough to reach out to me and ask me if I was ok and if I needed anything, but he also said that he would stand with me to tell the community that this letter was not condoned and that we all should be running on the issues. This should show the people that I am willing to and will work with anyone, for the betterment of our community and I will not ostracize anyone because they are a republican.” Anyone who steps up and seeks this council position must show that they are ready and willing by both their words and their actions, to work with all the constituents, of this district. The council member of this district must represent Republicans, Democrats, Independents and all the other voters and Ober has shown his ability to work with everyone as a civic leader of this community, as all his community and civic affiliations are shown on his resume.

Charles Ober also believes that everyone that wants to run for office should have that right, in a democracy, to run. Ober stated this morning “That I have decided not to challenge Crowley’s filing of her signatures, because I am standing up for the American ideal of democracy. My filings meet the standard and the spirit of the law with over 1800 signatures filed and over 40 people from the community, which gave up their week to help canvass their neighborhoods for signatures, and support my candidacy, so that I could get on the ballot. Should Crowley decide to challenge my filings the only purpose would be to manipulate the legal system to deny the voter a real choice. Crowley should not be afraid to debate me on the real issues that our communities face and to give the voter a chance to compare our resumes and relative community experience and accomplishments. I am looking forward to making my case to the voter and giving them a real choice, June 3, 2008. Why don’t we let the voters decide who they want to represent them and not the legal system to balance the scales in favor of one candidate or the other?”