The Metro Mall is our area's early voting location from October 26-November 3. We will explain exactly where to go once you get to the mall.

If you are able to climb stairs, you may park at the Metro Mall's loading dock. There is a dedicated left turning lane on westbound Metropolitan Ave for the dock. Proceed to drive to the very end where the entrance to the Board of Elections office is. If you are arriving as a pedestrian, the loading dock is accessible via a staircase next to the shopper entrance ramp. Follow markers to entrance. Once inside, climb the stairs and follow the signs to the voting room.

If you need a handicapped accessible entrance or don't want to use the loading dock, you must make your way to the roof. Upon reaching the top, drive straight ahead as far as you can go, then turn left and drive as far as you can go. The entrance to the elevator is at the northwestern corner of the roof. Enter building and follow signs. Unfortunately, if you are arriving without a vehicle, you must take an elevator up to the top and then another elevator a short distance away to get to the voting room. Ask DOE employees on site for assistance.

Hours for early voting vary. Please verify that you are assigned to early vote at Metro Mall and view the schedule on the website before making your trip.